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Offshore Rig Recycling Report — February, 2018 Oslo—Houston—London—Rio Rigs Sold for Recycling Past 6 Months *Mat and slot jack-up rigs not included. Rig Name ontractor Rig Type Water Depth (ft) Region Year Ocean Alliance Diamond Offshore Semi 6500 US GoM 1988 Ocean aroness Diamond Offshore Semi 1500 US GoM 1973

Jack up Rig Images, Stock Photos & Vectors |… Find jack up rig stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. словарь Мультитран jack-up drilling rig. самоподнимающееся на домкратах морское буровое основание.offshore jack-up service rig. морское самоподъёмное основание для подземного ремонта скважин. Types of Offshore Jack Up Rigs - Bing images 2 x 300 feet Jack-up Rigs – selfelevating, Type Cantilever ...Offshore Drilling and Jack-Up Rigs for Dummies – Templato. 1600 x 844 jpeg 358 КБ. Types of Offshore Oil and Gas rigs. Jackups – Offshore Jack-up Rigs | Nabors

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Jackups Note that the rig is setting a small fixed platform by jacking up to a 161-ft air gap, at which time the platform will be righted to vertical, and then the rig will jack down and set the platform on the sea bottom. Courtesy Atwood Oceanics. How Do Jackups Work? | Rigzone The other type of jackup is the slot-type jackup, also known as a keyway jackup. Drilling slot jackups are built with an opening in the drilling deck, and the derrick is positioned over it. While ... Offshore Rig Basics | Deepwater Drilling | Diamond Offshore Drilling Jack-up rigs drill through slots in their hull, or have the ability to extend ("cantilever") the drilling package out over the side of the hull. A cantilevered rig is very useful for drilling a series of wells over an established production platform, because the rig can move beside the platform and then extend the drilling package over the top of the platform to drill a sequence of development wells. Jackup Drilling Rigs – Petro Prophet: Oilfield Education

ONGC in the hunt for five jack-ups India’s state-owned Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has launched a tender for five jack-up rigs on three-year terms, worth a combined value of $250 ...

Jackup Drilling Rigs – Petro Prophet: Oilfield Education The final distinction between the different types of jack-up rigs is the method in which the drilling equipment is mounted to the hull of the rig itself. By far the most commonly used design is the cantilever design, which allows for the drilling derrick to be mounted on a portion of the rig that is able to extend outwards from the drill deck. By utilizing a cantilever design, drilling or workover operations can be performed through existing platforms if needed. The other type of jackup is ... Rig Types - Drilling Engineering - Netwas Group Oil

2 x 300 feet Jack Up Rigs newbuilding-resales We can now develop for sale, 2 x 300 feet selfelevating drilling units – Jack-up Rigs for resale.If you have serious buyer, then we can arrange inspection and negotiation immediately. DSJ300 Jack up Rig.

World drilling market absorbing new jack ups - Demand for jack up drilling rigs has pushed up day rates, with 17 newbuilds delivered in 2000-04 and 12 more under construction. Several new designs lead the way, including the Rowan/LeTourneau ... Jackup Rigs for Sale, Used Jackup Rigs, New Jackup Rigs ... If you have land rigs to sell or you want to buy land or offshore rigs or you cannot find the type of rig that you are looking for, please contact us on email or call +65 97768837. What are the types of drilling rigs? - Quora For Offshore drilling, three different types of rigs are used, Jack-up, Semi-submersible and Floaters/ drill ships, depending on the water depth at the location. Jack-up rigs have three of four legs. When transporting from one location to another, these legs are drawn up and the rig is towed with the help of tow boats to the desired location. JACK UPS AND RIGS FOR SALE OR CHARTER - GLOBAL CHIMAKS

5.1 Offshore Drilling Units There are basically six basic types of offshore ... 4, 5, 6, etc (3 and 4 are the most common) (c) as for the type of jack–up legs: ... (e) as for the location of the drilling area: • slot type; • cantilever type; as for the jacking ... Semi–submersible rigs are either self–propelled or towed to a drilling site and  ...

A new and improved shock absorbing structure and method for use on a jack-up off-shore drilling rig is disclosed. The shock absorbing structure is designed for mounting on the bottom of each existing leg of the drilling rig and comprises a novel bottom member fixedly attached to each leg with the bottom member having a piston member positioned in the central portion thereof. Oilfield Offshore Rigs Drilling Equipment For Sale Rent ... We have 2 Oilfield Offshore Rigs Drilling Equipment for sale rent & auction. Find the new, used, & rental Offshore Rigs you need. Listings updated daily from manufacturers & private sellers. Great Offshores jack up rig starts 5-year contract with ONGC ...

Jack Up Rigs: Evolution of Design Jean Cahuzac ean Chevallier Lee Turner Montrouge, France In August 1988, Sedco Forex's jack up rig, Trident IX, spudded a we for Cab'nda Gulf Oil Company (Chevron Corp.) off the coast of Angola in a record water depth of 391 feet 1119 meters]. Built in 1982, Trident IX was the first jack up developed for depths up to 400 feet [122 meters] (right). Until the late 1 970s, most jack up rigs were designed to operate 'n shallow water, up to 250 feet [76 meters ... Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. - Jack-up rig –300’ slot type [01 No] 3. Ultra shallow water Jack-up rig [01 No] 4. Floater Rig –600’ [02 Nos] 5. Floater Rig –1000’ [01 No] 12 Rig requirement for East Coast development (Tentative): 1. Ultra shallow water Jack-up rig [01 No] 2. Anchor Moored Floater Rig –2500’ [03 Nos] 3. DP mode Floater Rig –1500m [02 Nos] Action Plan. 14 Action Plan • Tender to be invited for hiring substitute and additional rigs 14 Nos. in offshore & 10 Nos in onshore • Accordingly ... The Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd. Jack-up Independent leg Mat supported Slot Cantilever “KEDARNATH” Independent leg Jack up rig. Mat supported Jack up rig . Cantilever type. Slot type. Drilling Rig Floaters Drill Ships Semi submersibles Barges. Drill ship. Semi submersible. Offshore Support Vessels • Supply Vessels: Vessels engaged in carrying fuel, fresh water and other provisions from shore to offshore installations • Platform Supply Vessel: Specially designed vessels providing support services to offshore ... How Do Jackups Work? | Rigzone The premise of a jackup rig is that it is self-elevating; here, the legs are stationed on ocean floor and the drilling equipment is jacked up above the water's surface. Providing a very stable drilling environment, in comparison to other types of offshore drilling rigs, jackups can drill in waters up to 350 feet deep.