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The Manastone slot expansion system has been added. ... A new quest has been added that can be played in 'Kubrinerk's Cube Laboratory'. The quest '[Tutorial] Using Cubes' has been added. ... AION is a free-to-play MMORPG built on the CryEngine and set in a fascinating fantasy world. The player takes on the role of a Daeva, a winged and immortal ... Para's Script Library - Page 121 -

Расширение инвентаря | 4Game к нему приложен рисунок, изображающий максимально расширенный куб, поделенный на 6 частей, каждая из которых закрашена своим цветом. красным отмечен исходный размер куба - 3 ряда. где же и как можно получить остальные? 100 slot cube quest aion guide – ALDgreen | Forum Given by , 35, .Materials for 100-slot Cube – Aion Quest – Race: Asmodians – Level: 35 – Min Level: 34 Database, News, Guides, Gathering, AION QUESTS and take them to NekorunerkA cube factory craftsman at Temple of Gold in Pandaemonium. Guide - Cube Expansion with 4.9 Update - Guides - Aion… The "old" cube expansion quests and NPCs were removed with the 4.9 Update. You won't be able to finishYou will be able to unlock the different rows with "Cube Expansion Keys", additionally the first 10 rowsOk so I paid ~100KK and got 153 slots now. I used the shop tickets to expand previously. Гайд Как расширить куб по игре Aion библиотека... -…

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Endless-Aion Exp 200x Drop 100x Quest 200x, All Retail Features, 24/7 Dedicated Server, WORKING SIEGE MODE Stigma slot system , Working 2.0AION WOLF INDONESIA - FULL 2.1 SUPPORT Exp 200x Drop 100x Quest 50x, All Retail Features, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Best World Wide PvP... Расширение Инвентаря ( Куба ) или Где Биндач ? - Мои… Инвентарь в Aion называется Куб и за раз его можно увеличивать на один ряд из 9 ячеек. Пять расширителей Куба можно купить и еще два можно получить за квесты.Квест начинается у Демодока, который находится прямо за лифтовой платформой под Храмом стражников. iOS - Aion - Ancient cube quest guide

See also: Pet Inventory The Cube, also known as the player's inventory, ... Extra Inventory Slot - If your inventory is full and you complete a quest, the quest ...

Cubic Aion Aion - Materials for 100 slot-Cube [Asmodian]Pebels Spanishrp. 3 years ago. Quest Asmodian [lvl 35 ] : Materials for 100 slot-Cube.В этом видео Вы увидите новую систему заточки кубиков (Enchantment System Cubic) в AION 6.2 (айон 6.2) Самая свежая информация... Cubic Aion Aion 6.2 Cube Farming Shugo Dungeon check the better video at the end for faster way.AION 6.2 CUBE SYSTEM increase stats to all characters on your account!For all of you who didnt try it so far,its worth because " cubes" which you need to ...Quest Asmodian [lvl 35 ] : Materials for 100 slot-Cube. [Гайд] Как расширить куб в Aion? | Форум

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Torc Gaming Portal Aion TORC Support and Guidelines Guidelines; Lv 55 Greater Stigma Quest Meilleur Casino En Ligne Canadien Leave a Reply Cancel replyCheck Quest Cube and read the Sanctum Support Manual.[%2] Click Bounty in the Quest window or talk with Miriya. With the opening of Normal Stigma slots, .. Abyss entry quest problems :: Aion General Discussions Abyss entry quest problems ... thank you guys i sent a ticket to aion support and they said the quest now requires level 45 instead of level 25 #5 < >

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Materials for 100-slot Cube - Aion Database Id: 2950 - Materials for 100-slot Cube. Collect crystals from Dire Acheron Drakes and Cold Terra Spirits, and take them to Nekorunerk. PlayerGet Drake Crystals and Lucid Earth Crystals so that Nekorunerk can make hidden hinges. Aion Cube Expansion Guide (Elyos) - YouTube

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