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Expand your inventory slots at the inventory expansion NPC, near the Velika Freedom Plaza trade broker. First two expansions are pretty cheap, the rest might be a bit costly if you're a new player (Altough they are 100% worth it, 100g isn't that much later on) Bank anything you don't want to throw away. Tera: Inventory Expansion Guide - YouTube

Equipment merge system and new gear slot | K TERA Dev Note Hello we are developers Moongchi and Tumbler. For this developer note, we hope to introduce to you our newest Equipment Merge System and... New to Tera? Everything you need to know about the free-to ... As MiseryPrincess says it is free to play but it has elite mode which costs money and basically gives a load of extra xp, character slots etc, the premium pack was released last week, for more than double the elite price and didn’t include elite, seemed a waste, but anyway the point was you got 1 week early access if you bought the premium pack (along with a few items) didnt seem worth it ... inventory expansion questTERA - En Masse inventory expansion quest. MadHobbit. April 2017 in New & Returning Player Help. I know about the guy we go to at around lvl 10, i know about the expansion we get for lvl 300 gathering. and the one for lvl 50. there was one you could get and go to several towns and gather some stuff.But i forgot where it starts and what level you need to be ... Elite status should give more character slots. — TERA - En ...

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TERA Online - 2+ Перса как Получить? (слот для… Tera Online. Что делать, когда взял 65 уровень? Yelnirr 02 мар 2018. Купоны на наряд и Счастливые билеты в TERA Online. Игровая лаборатория by DokBraun 25 май 2015. TERA гайд - больше места в инвентаре. Питомец Енотас Tera online - созидание - топ пве шмот. обновление Инженер. TERA Online - Как получить Пегаса? TERA online (RU) - ТОП места для выкачки твинков на ящики.Гайд на пета Клод TERA. Тера получение питомца ленивца (Клода). Tera Online RUoFF 'Инвентарь и Банк' | Скачать видео

TERA is easily the best F2P MMORPG in circulation at the moment. In fact, it surpasses many paid MMOs in terms of graphics and engagement in the games combat. The unique fighting style used in TERA is real-time and reaction based, so prowess in battle is not necessarily based on stats and gear, but rather the player's own skill and experience.

GitHub - SoliaRdi/auto-fishing: auto-fishing mod for tera proxy. auto-fishing mod for tera proxy. ... tera-proxy fishing tera-online automation ... Tera proxy module for auto fishing. ... /8 fish selltonpc range, Sell fishes when your inventory is full to fishing ... Maximum range between you and the npc is 6 meters. ... If you want to use an special bait before another one make sure it's slot is lower ... Complete Beginners Guide to TERA Gameplay - LearnFromMedia 26 Feb 2019 ... Tera is an online game which is continuously receiving updates and patches ... Combat, chaining skills, collection items, combine items in your inventory and ... it all the current maximum level in Tera is 65 this maximum level may ... see slots for your crystals these are physical items which you can add to ... Steam Community :: Guide :: Basic System in TERA 31 Jan 2017 ... The Basic System in TERA - The Guild System - Crystal System - Glyphs ... TERA. Created by. ThatShiro. Last Online 6 hrs, 50 mins ago .... So if you want to attach a crystal to your gear, just right-click on the crystal in your inventory (I). .... For enhancement crystals there's a maximum of 12 slots – 4 for chest ...

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Max Bank Slots Tera; ... a GameFAQs Answers question titled "What is the max I got to 42 inventory slots thinking that was the max number of slots ... Tera Online ... Tera Increase Bank Slots - Inventory Gameplay Game Guide ...

To fully enjoy the in-game content, an epic or legendary TERA Online .... Server: Kaiator, Number of Costumes: 6+, Maximum Inventory Slots: max Server.

Don’t have time to level up your Tera US account? Buy one from our verified sellers. Whether you want a cheap starter or smurf account, or a good value high-level one, you can find it here. Beginner’s Guide to TERA – Essential Mana This guide introduces basic information about TERA, as well as tackling many common questions new players may have. Navigate through this guide by clicking below on the different topics. TERA Archer race :: Tera Archer The available types of armor differs based on the player's class. Armor is not to be confused with Armor Costumes, the latter of which does not provide defense and balance modifiers.

Select Tera Store and click Item Claim. From the Item Claim menu, select the item that you would like to redeem and press Use. Once you've claimed the item it will show up in your inventory; You'll need to activate the item in that character's inventory before you can get the benefits for your character, server or account. GitHub - SoliaRdi/auto-fishing: auto-fishing mod for tera proxy.